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About LAF

The first edition of the Lusaka Arts Festival (LAF) took place in 2018. The third edition will take place from 8 – 17 May 2020.

Annually, over many years Lusaka International Community School (LICS), has hosted a popular and growing school Carnival. The natural growth in the Carnival over the past few years has seen an associated growth in Fine Arts, crafts and a variety of performance elements. The opportunity to develop a fully-fledged Arts Festival, incorporating the LICS Annual Carnival has become a reality with the establishment of key partnerships in local, corporate and diplomatic circles. Several international governmental representatives from European and other countries represented in Zambia, have been enthused by the idea, have quickly got behind it and have collaborated to bring the festival to life.
These partnerships have been key in developing the LAF concept and its programme. Along with LICS’ network, infrastructure and experience of organising a large annual carnival, a well-established and connected Arts Academy, and a strong presence in communities in and around Lusaka through its EOP programme, the LAF has become a reality.

Our Vision

Our Vision – to offer an annual compelling, dynamic and rich Arts event in Lusaka:
  • To provide a platform for experiencing and participating in the Arts

  • To develop Arts talent across Lusaka

  • To promote and develop intercultural experiences and connections

  • To create a fun-raising community experience

8 – 17 May 2020

Partners & Sponsors

  • National Arts Council

  • Embassy of Ireland